Count Down to 21

To some, birthdays don’t mean much and the older we get, the less excited we are. It seems like we get excited to get to double digits, then being a teenager, suddenly being eighteen is the best thing. That’s when the count down to 21 starts.

My birthday has always been my favorite day. I grew up with two brothers, being the youngest it was like they were always needing more attention. March 17th was the one day I always felt like I didn’t have to fight for attention, was the one day everyone was nice to me. Was the one day that I got to pick what I wanted to eat, what I wanted to do, and was the day I was the happiest.

One thing about “my day” though, I shared a birthday with my grandpa and uncle, so I still wasn’t the center of attention which is ok. It’s just every year since I was little, I never had my own party, it was always combined with grandpas at there house. No sleepovers, bowling allies, just my family. It wasn’t until I got to around double digits that I could finally invite some girls out to the farm. I was so exited to have a “normal” girl’s birthday, until my brothers ruined it by steeling my friends and I spent it alone anyway.
That’s when I looked forward to the teenage years, I was old enough not to care about a party anymore and that’s when I got some of the best presents I could every ask for. I think my parents thought I was giving up on trying to make friends and was just lonely so on my 13th birthday I got my dog Shy, whom to this day is still my best friend and the best present ever.

When I turned 18 my family started to go out for supper instead of cooking at home. The day was normal with chores, work and whatever else that was going on and we celebrated at night. The family would all meet and go to a place of my choice, but this was also the first birthday my oldest brother started not showing up anymore to celebrate with us. Turning my day, into a Tylor day again.


Now we are on spring break, junior year in college and it’s my 21st not only that but it’s on St. Patrick’s Day! Awesome right? Well unlike others I’m not interested in bad decisions. My family as always made me a cake and we were going to go to a restaurant of my choice. That’s when I found out my brother Derek decided to throw me a party. He wanted to do something for me and decided to decorate this little bar/grill place we were planning on going to for supper.

I think that no matter how old we get we should continue to celebrate the day we came to exist. I stopped getting excited early on but keeping a good attitude and enjoying the little things like someone putting together a surprise for you now that’s something to be grateful for. Not everyone gets to celebrate in a big way but even knowing that someone cares about us on that one day does make a difference. Love life and don’t stop counting after 21, there are plenty more years to look forward to.

In sisterhood,

Bailey Lee

Bailey Lee – Vet Tech

Five Things to Wear Again When Spring Finally Comes

  1. When Spring Finally Comes it is time to break out the rain boots instead of the snow boots. The first day when the temperature hits 40 degrees Spring has sprung. The essentials for footwear are a light rainboot (preferably yellow), to be able to walk right through any puddle that gets in your way. The endless piles of snow must melt sometime, and when that time comes you will be prepared with your rainboots.


  1. When Spring Finally Comes you can throw that parka in the closet for good. No more heavy winter coat that covers your knees. You can be free in a light versatile spring jacket. Perfect for your morning walk to class, or your evening drive to work. The light jacket makes your day feel uplifted and not weighed down by a heavy coat that makes you sweat while indoors.


  1. When Spring Finally Comes no more days of fleece lined jeans. You can wear your trusty Levi’s or leggings to class without the wind traveling right through the material. We know that the Fargo wind is relentless, and don’t get me wrong that never stops, but when the wind chill is above zero it feels like a vacation. Your leggings and jeans will do just the trick for the last two months of the semester, unless of course we get another snow storm.


  1. When Spring Finally Comes it is the time for only two layers. You won’t need a tee shirt, a sweatshirt and a vest under your coat anymore. All you’ll need is a nice cotton long sleeve or tee under your spring jacket. Layering is always a good idea, but in the Spring, you won’t need as many. You will see your tee-shirt during the day instead of it serving as simply an extra layer.


  1. When Spring Finally Comes the famous baseball cap is back. Gone are the days of winter hats and gloves and in come the hat that blocks the sun from your eyes. Of course, many people still wear baseball hats in the winter, but their ears freeze off. Now, your ears will be a comfortable temperature and you can slip on your hat and run out the door.


This long winter had me thinking about all the things that I miss about Spring, and clothing seemed to be a big part of it! Hopefully Spring will come soon, and this insane winter will end. A quick shout out to all the workers that have been tirelessly plowing the roads of the Midwest since October. We appreciate you. Even though we still might be a snowstorm away from Spring, I’ll take what I can get.


In Sisterhood,



katie 2

5 Things You Probably Do Not Know About Me

  1. Most of the time I am confused on which hand to use.

I am left hand dominate when it comes to writing but anything else, I am quite confused on which hand to use. In high school sports it was really tricky especially in volleyball and basketball. I would never know which hand to hit the ball with so I would just use which ever one felt natural at the time. During basketball I would shoot the ball with my right hand but when it came to lay-ups, I preferred a left-handed lay-up. It is also the reason as to why I hate bowling. I never know which hand to use because neither one feels right so I panic and just launch the ball down the alley and hope for the best. I like to use it as an excuse as to why I am so awkward sometimes.  Is it possible to be slightly or part ambidextrous?

  1. My American dream is to one day become a cranberry farmer.

Have you ever seen a cranberry bog? The first time that I did, I realized my true reason for being on this earth. That reason is to become a cranberry farmer. It is such an amazing process. Sometimes when I am stressed, I will watch videos on YouTube of people harvesting their cranberries. Even if I was just an Ocean Spray commercial person that would still make me happy. Just standing in that bog with all those cranberries around you would just complete my life.

ocean spray

  1. I am deathly afraid of moths.

It’s to the point where if there was a spider and a moth in the same room and I had to choose which one to kill, I would choose to kill the moth without a doubt. No offense to moths or anything but they are just a really ugly and scary looking butterfly. I have no legit reason as to why I am so scared of them but it’s a legit fear. I actually wake my dad up in the middle of the night crying and begging him to go kill the moth that is in my room. That also just happen like 2 years ago, so I am not growing out of this fear.

  1. I am currently a barista.

If you would have told be a year ago that I would be working as a barista I would have thought that you were crazy. I used to despise coffee and I could not understand why adults drank it willingly. Now I understand that it was not a choice but a necessity. I have become my mom when it comes to her morning coffee, do not talk or even look at me until I have had my cup of coffee in the morning. I like my coffee to look and taste like milk still, so I haven’t fully adapted to becoming an adult and drinking it straight up.

maddie g.jpg

  1. I have a very unhealthy relationship with ranch dressing.

I typically use ranch on anything but a salad. I like it on my veggies, pizza, fries, burgers, quesadillas anything chicken, and the list goes on. I also use the ranch dry seasoning mix on my pretzels and popcorn. My grandma got me a gallon of ranch for my birthday so if that doesn’t say “ranch addict” I don’t know what does.

In sisterhood,

Maddie Grant

Madeline Grant – Animal Science

My Experience with Small Plot Research

For the past two summers I have worked in small plot research with canola and soybeans. This is what happened over the course of those summers.

Planting: Planting small plots is tedious work and there is a lot of prep work in the spring before it is time to actually plant. First, seed packets are labeled and filled with the corresponding varieties. Then the packets are placed in tin boxes in the order that they will be planted according to the plot maps the technicians created. The order is checked over a couple times to ensure that it is right. Then when its time to plant the boxes are hauled out to the different locations. Planting the canola and soybean plots are similar in some ways, for example, they both use trip lines to determine where an individual plot begins and ends and there was one person operating the tractor and two people on the planter, but the planting processes are also very different. When we planted the canola plots, one person opened the seed packet and the other person dumped it in the planter and the seed would automatically be released when we crossed the trip line. Planting soybean plots involved each person on the planter being responsible for two rows and then manually releasing the seed while crossing the trip line.

Plot maintenance: After planting, there is a lot of maintenance to be done. From placing stakes at the plots, rototilling between the plots, spraying, and pulling weeds there is lots of work to be done at each location.

Cross Pollination: While working with the soybean plots, I got the chance to be a part of the breeding process by helping with cross pollination. We would cross between rows of soybeans by exposing the ovule of one plant and taking pollen from another and placing it in the ovule.

Harvest: Each plot is harvested, bagged, and the seed is saved for the next year. Now, work for the next season begins.

In sisterhood,

Morgan Gallagher


My Ways to Combat Change

I think back to June of 2015. I had just graduated from Farmington High school and was the typical beaming brand new college freshman. Never did I imagine four years could just fly by like they did and with that comes a lot of change. Change can be stressful and make focusing in school a lot more difficult. This year has already had a lot of changes whether it be with personal situations, stress of school or family changes. Regardless, all of these can play an impact in one’s mental health. With my final semester winding down and my graduation date as May 2019, I have learned a few ways to help calm myself in times of change.


  • Exercising

I think every college kid (and human being) has heard this time and time again how important it is to exercise. Not only for physical health, but mentally. I have gotten to the point that if I don’t get a workout in one day I kick myself for it later. I love the feeling when I finish a workout and, mentally, it has helped me release my stress.


  • Prioritizing

While going out all the time and having fun is good and all, I have had to learn that school comes first. I not only am a full time student but I also have to work 30 hours a week most of the time. Making sure my school work is done has helped lower my stress immensely. While having all of these changes going on it could be difficult to worry about school but I always try to think of what could happen if I let myself fall behind.


  • Relaxing

When I relax I know when I either need a nap or just need a while with some Netflix. I have a lot going on in a day so sometimes a good comedy helps me unwind at the end of the day.


  • Positive Surroundings

I have never felt so much support since coming to college. Being far from home makes it difficult to get the traditional parental support but they still help me and support me as much as possible. College has brought me some amazing and life long friends that I am forever indebted to. If something is going on with school or family, I know who to turn to. Everyone needs that, especially at such a stressful time like college.


  • Finally, and of course, HAVING FUN!!

I know when I can and can’t have fun and having fun isn’t a crime. Its how I have made my amazing friends and some of the best memories. Things like being in the homecoming parade for all 4 years and getting involved in campus organizations has brought me some amazing and fun opportunities.


I think these are the things that help someone push on and still be a good student, friend, and family member. I help my family, I get involved, and I’m a good student. Sometimes when that all piles up you need to take time for yourself and these are the things I have done and have found to be helpful!

In Sisterhood,

Sam Pommerening


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My Top Favorite North Dakota Dishes

My Top Favorite North Dakota Dishes
Everybody has something that “tastes like home” to them. Whether it be a recipe that
was passed through your family, something common where you grew up, or just a popular dish within your state, you know exactly what I am talking about. Here are a few North Dakota dishes that I couldn’t go without, and neither could the rest of North Dakota.

1. Knoephla Soup
I think that all North Dakotans can agree with this one. There is nothing that is better than coming in from the subzero temperatures in the winter and having a hot bowl of knoephla soup. The dumplings, potato, veggies, and creamy broth all blend together so perfectly. If you’re looking to try it for yourself as a true North Dakota experience, you’ll have to swing in to Kroll’s diner and grab a bowl, or a whole bucket! However, if you’re looking to make it yourself, here’s a recipe from a North Dakotan:

2. Lefse
Another true North Dakota classic is lefse. In fact, I remember being taught how to make lefse at school in first grade. All the work that goes into making it is more than worth it with how delicious it is. Although adding the finishing toppings sometimes brings people to debate, you can never go wrong with lathering on some butter on a warm piece of lefse and sprinkling brown sugar or cinnamon sugar on top. To try your hand at lefse making follow this link for a recipe:


3. Kuchen
Although this doesn’t rank high on my personal favorites, I know that it is a state-wide favorite that had to be included. Kuchen is such a popular North Dakota staple that it was once served at a wedding I attended instead of the traditional cake. In simplest terms, kuchen is a dessert full of fruit and custard with a crust made of sweet dough. To make this sweet treat for yourself, check out this recipe:


4. Indian Tacos and Tacos in a Bag
Yes, I have included two different kinds of tacos in one point, however they have some unique differences. Indian tacos, also known as fry bread tacos, are one of my personal favorites and a popular dish in my community. I always love piling taco meat, cheese, lettuce, olives, onions, jalapenos, sour cream, and salsa on top of delicious homemade fry bread. It is the perfect twist of the typical taco.
Tacos in a Bag instantly remind me of any North Dakota sporting event I ever attended.
Commonly also referred to as walking tacos, taco in a bag is another delicious twist of your everyday taco. All you need is a bag of Doritos and your favorite taco toppings to make this delicious (and easy to transport) meal.

For a recipe for Indian Tacos follow this link:
For a recipe for Tacos in a Bag follow this link:


5. Scotcharoos
Scotcharoos are perfect for any time and any place. No matter the season, no matter the
occasion, you cannot go wrong with having scotcharoos with your spread of food. Although you may know scotcharoos to be “Special K Bars” I could name quite a few North Dakotans that insist they be called scotcharoos, myself included. Scotcharoos are the perfect dessert full of chocolate, peanut butter, and butterscotch goodness in each bite. I could go on and on about how incredible scotcharoos are, but I think you should just see for yourself and make a pan, or two:


No matter where you are from or who you are, if you are looking to learn more about what
makes North Dakota the way it is, the best place to start is with our food.

In sisterhood,

Billie Lentz


Why are Ag Sororities & Fraternities relevant today?

Why are Ag Sororities & Fraternities relevant today?


Recently I was able to attend the Sigma Alpha and Alpha Gamma Rho leadership conference in bustling Indianapolis, Indiana. After a 14-hour trip we reached Indianapolis, stopped at a popular Steak n Shake for some dinner, and headed over to the conference center. Throughout the next day and a half as participants we learned what it took to be agents of change. We learned how to look at things in positive ways to make a change, learn how to diffuse unfavorable situations and how to approach chapter goals.

Leadership conferences are valuable experiences that often motivate leaders to make a change, and provide the tools needed to do so. Leadership conferences are relevant to both Sigma Alpha and Alpha Gamma Rho, because as a professional sorority and a fraternity that aims to “Make Better Men”, professionalism is a key to each of their missions.

Perhaps one of my favorite questions posed to use this weekend was “Why is Sigma Alpha needed today?”, the same question was posed about Alpha Gamma Rho. This is something that as members we don’t often reflect on. After discussion it was made aware that both organizations are very valuable and provide members with experiences to help them with the rest of their lives.

So, why are they needed? Both organizations are present to provide a place for students to gain a sense of sisterhood or brotherhood, and with a brother and sister bond between the two, students gain both. With this bond members can network and make life long connections with those that are interested in and/or going into an agricultural field. It also allows for proper professional development activities, service opportunities and scholarship support. Agriculture is a field that will always be around, and every industry can face challenges, having a sister or brother in your life will provide you with a lifelong support system.

In Sisterhood,


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