The Workaholic


The importance of a strong work ethic was bestowed upon me from my parents at a very young age.  It all started one summer day when I was eleven years old.  I complained of being bored to my parents and my dad said “that’s it!  You are gonna learn a work ethic today!”  That’s when my younger sister and I started our own business growing fresh fruits and vegetables for resale in our community.  Every year our customer base grew and we landed our first big customer.  Our big customer for about five years was the local public school system.  We sold them tomatoes, cucumbers, watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries, corn, and many more.  Our business grew so much so that we had to increase the size of our garden to two acres.  I thank my parents very much for giving me a strong work ethic.


Without my strong work ethic, I would be in debt and in a completely different place right now.  My goal is to get through college without going into debt.  I see many of my peers getting student loans, accruing thousands of dollars of debt while not worrying about how they spend their money.  Or I see situations where parents pay for everything and the child suffers in the end because they don’t understand how much work it takes to make a dollar.

Agriculture backgrounds help install a work ethic.  Agriculture can be very time sensitive and requires long hours of HARD work.  A lot of people say I’ll do that tomorrow, but tomorrow may never come when it comes time to plant or harvest.  It could rain and get too muddy.  Or it could hail and ruin your crop stand.  Crops need to be sprayed or fertilized at certain times when conditions are optimum for it.  Time stops and you must drop everything to make a profit.  In agriculture, even if you do everything right you still may not make a profit.  Mother nature controls weather.  And if you aren’t on top of it and getting things done when you can then you will fail.  In agriculture, mother nature forces you to be responsible and determined and to work hard.  Even though agriculture requires a lot of effort, it also gives you a great sense of accomplishment by watching your crops or animals grow.

I would like to share one of my favorite quotes that I live by with you…

 “Live today like nobody else so you can live tomorrow like nobody else.”

– Dave Ramsey

In sisterhood,


Hailey DuBord – Crop and Weed Science

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