Everything’s Better with Butter

The Minnesota State Fair has tons of attractions. My family and I would go to the fair every year and walk around for hours. From the countless rides and booths to the food stands, there is always something to do. However, there is one feature that you won’t see anywhere else, and that is the Butter Booth. As a child I would walk up to the glass and watch the butter sculptures inside go around and around. Never did I dream that one day, one of the sculptures would be of me.

photo 1photo 2

12 finalists are chosen to run for Princess Kay of the Milky Way and one finalist is sculpted in butter each day of the State Fair, with Princess Kay being the first one. Linda Christensen has been creating these butter sculptures for 45 years. A sculpture is made out of a 90 pound block of butter and takes around 6-8 hours to complete. I was extremely excited the day I got carved. The experience was very surreal, and I barely noticed I was sitting in a freezer for hours. My time at the State Fair included talking to many children and adults about my experiences on our family’s farm and answered their questions about dairy. Being a “Butterhead” holds a true place in my heart, and I love to see who else gets to take part in this amazing tradition.

photo 3.png

I never would have been able to have this experience without the support from my family and friends.  Growing up on a dairy farm has given me the opportunity to understand that all days aren’t easy, but we keep going because it’s what we love.  I am honored to be able to share the passion that farmers have for what they do. Being a Dairy Princess lasts only a year or two, but being an advocate for the dairy community lasts forever. As for now, my sculpture is in our freezer, but once I get the heart to cut into it, I plan to share my butter sculpture with my community by having a corn feed.

In Sisterhood,

kelly! .png
Kelly Schouviller is going to be a Junior this fall. Her major is Crop and Weed Science with a minor in Animal Science. Kelly is from Callaway, MN.


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